How We Work

It is our greatest ambition to bring you what you need to further your organization’s interests. We want to build a long-term relationship with you that is based on the trust that we will be responsive to your needs.

Our experience has taught us that the highest quality production requires several key steps. In short, this is how we typically work.

  1. We meet with you to determine the scope of the project and the budget. If you are new to the world of film or video production we will be able to explain the myriad of considerations that influence the production approach (shooting format, number of cameras etc...) as well as the costs associated with capturing what the client wants. Every client has a different expectation and budget and this meeting will help us determine what is needed to capture what you want to accomplish.

  2. We will then deliver a proposal to make the project a reality. We like to do this in writing to ensure that everyone is clear and comfortable.

  3. Once the project is shot, we will edit the work and then present a first draft edit for client approval. This gives the client an opportunity to request changes.

  4. After the client has fully approved the project, we can deliver the project in whatever media or file format the client requires.

Of course, if you are hiring us in an “a la carte” fashion, the price will be negotiated on a project-by-project basis for shooting, editing, post-production services, or duplication.

If you have any specific questions regarding pricing or production capability, do not hesitate to ask us. We will be happy to respond immediately.

Never produced a video before? Don't worry, we have. Got an idea? Don't worry, if you don't, we do.
Many of our clients come to us knowing nothing about production, and often with no idea of what their message really is. This is where our creative juices kick in. After we define the audience, and determine WHAT the message is, we then consider all the possibilities of HOW to deliver the message. Each project that we produce has it's own unique style. There is a reason for this. If the message is intended for a young audience, we want our style to be youthful - maybe even rockin. If the show is for an executive audience, a sophisticated and refined approach will deliver the message best. Then we start scripting, designing storyboards, identifying the principal characters and brainstorming on how to get the perfect shots. Finally, we will bring the field footage into the editing bay and make it all come to life. Horizon's top-notch editors have many years of experience timing and editing shots to achieve the client's creative mission. Throughout each stage of production, our staff works to develop and fine-tune unique ideas to create the very best final product – from script to screen.