Filmic is one of the most biggest studio in Hollywood. We provide solutions that make sense.

Our Story

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FILMIC IS AN AMERICAN FILM STUDIO – that base in Los Angeles. Filmic Studio is one of Hollywood’s “Big 10” film studios, and was founded in 1925 by Mark Baumann, Adam Swanson & David Kessel


William Wilson
CEO of Filmic Studio

Peace, love and Horizon.

John Paul DeJoria

John Paul Mitchell Systems

They shot video impressively with good attention to sound and lighting, but Horizon’s real strength was in their exceptional post-production work. They were prompt and within budget. I highly recommend working with Horizon Video!

Michael Mellinger

Austin Jazz Workshop

The video is PERFECT! Thank you so much for your brilliant work! I really appreciate your speed, your team rocks! Thanks for keeping on top of everything.

Cirrus Logic

Awesome, this is great stuff! Way to go! Very well done.

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

I really liked the video. It is super cool. You guys are amazing! Thank you for your flexibility.

Employee Development

Samsung Austin Semiconductor

Horizon was one of the best companies that I’ve dealt with from an inception to completion basis on a project. If you are looking for a video production company that has a high attention to detail, provides quality videos, is professional and will make it a very pleasant experience then Horizon Video is your ideal choice.

Crossroads Systems

I’m 2 minutes in and all I can say is “WOW”!

Texas Municipal Police Association

You guys are so awesome!

Austin Independent School District

Horizon was professional, courteous and understanding throughout this entire project…you all made a world of difference and I can’t say enough with how well it went…a special thanks to Chris for the crazy hours and quick turnaround of projects! Your production crew was very professional and handled everything in stride.

Magic Bullet Media

New York & Los Angeles

I must tell you how pleased I am with the quality of the product! I have to admit my expectations weren’t high – on such short notice – but you exceeded my expectations.

Texas Exes

The University of Texas at Austin

They were flexible, resourceful and always willing to give or take direction depending on what we needed for the project. This Production Company is by far and away, the best.

Texpac/Political Education

Texas Medical Asociation

As always, you guys are great!

Black Diamond Media, LA

Warner Bros. Pictures

Board of Directors

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George Green

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Richard Romero

Art Director
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Sandra Scott

Markup Artist